if anyone has any tumblr posts they’d like to see in any future tlou tumblr posts — link me!!

websites of stores that exist in the tlou universe
( they all have their own twitter accounts too — except rajas arcade )

springs hospital | swirls frozen yoghurt | petville | westons pharmacy | rajas arcade

do you know of any joel and ellie fan mixes?

Check here?

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do you know any specific youtube videos (links) for the last of us because almost all of them have subtitles which are frustrating for giffing/adding your own text

Without subtitles? I’ve had that problem too, and it’s been a bitch for left behind gifs that I try and make.

For the main game and not the dlc, a friend of mine had a friend that had recorded the game without subtitles and gave the videos to her, and then my friend gave them to me, so that’s how I’ve managed to get cutscenes without the damn subtitles. For left behind I’ve just been dealing with the subtitles because I can’t seem to find any without subs either. I feel you, friend.